Beekeeper (Vancouver, BC)

Bio Says: “The trio is garnering buzz for playing “some of the cutest math-rock around” (Discorder Magazine, 2012), “[weaving] sturdy hooks around fancy rhythms” (Georgia Straight, 2010).”

What they think they sound like: “Indie-pop”

Sounds like: The Promise Ring with too many ideas

Honest review: The first band I’ve actually seen before. I’ve seen a LOT of Canadian bands over the last decade, and maybe this is a testiment to CMW that it only attracts bands no one has heard of (or wants anything to do with?). I remember that a friend of mine really likes Beekeeper, but I find that their music annoying. Too many ideas jammed into every song, ala mid-nineties mathrock, aka the worst genre ever invented.

Reverbnation account? Yes


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