Beams (Toronto, On)

Bio Says: It’s never clear why some collectives spark and others fizzle. Maybe it’s the chemistry between the members, the ability to read each others’ minds, the ghosts of bands they used to play with. Some indefinable alchemy that makes ears perk up and eyes open wide the first time they encounter them. In the case of BEAMS, it’s all of the above.

What they think they sound like: “Many things”

Sounds like: “Many things”

Honest review: It is actually really hard to evaluate bands who are slaves to genre as opposed to attempting something new, because ultimately it is a binary equation: do they play this genre correctly Y/N. In the case of Beams, their bluegrassy-folk concoctions are bluegrassy-folk concoctions, there is nothing to set them apart from the pack, no matter how much it sounds like Feist singing.

Genre: Bluegrass

Reverbnation account? No!


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