Bad Captain


Bad Captain (Montreal, Qu)

Bio Says: “They have since dedicated most of their free time off of their “9 to 5” jobs to making energetic and catchy Rock songs with lyrics that make you realize that it’s okay not to be perfect, that your mistakes define who you are and that no matter what, you just have to push and carry on! Bad Captain delivers an uplifting, unifying, motivating and positive message and isn’t afraid to make you headbang every once in a while.”

What they think they sound like: Foo Fighters, Billy Talent, Simple Plan, Four Year Strong, Paramore, All Time Low, 30 Seconds To Mars, Alexisonfire, Blink-182, Thrice, Taking Back Sunday, Coheed And Cambria, Our Lady Peace.

Sounds like: The music made by middle aged dudes trying to hang out at a grade 12 graduation party.

Honest review: Whoa, this might be the worst band so far. Seriously. A band who heard the first Simple Plan record and decided that they didn’t need to go any further. If you could imagine a band, in 2013, wanting to sound like Simple Plan. Whoa. It’s actually blowing my mind a little. I can’t believe how bad Bad Captain really are.

Genre: SimplePlancore

Reverbnation account? YES.


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