Babe (Toronto, ON)

Bio Says: “When you’re a musician growing up in Toronto, a dynamic and diverse city where your senses constantly stand at full attention, it’s likely that the music you enjoy and make will also be eclectic.”

What they think they sound like: “In the case of BABE, their sound mixes an array of elements and has drawn wide-ranging comparisons from, ‘The Rapture’ and ‘Interpol’ to ‘The Knife’ and ‘Fela Kuti,’”

Actually sounds like: Whatever it’s called when you throw up on yourself while taking a shit.

Honest review: Hey guys, 2004 called, they want their derrivative indie dance punk back. BABE is both a terrible name for a band and also a terrible band.

Genre: 2004core

Reverbnation account? Yes


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