Andy Shauf


Andy Shauf (Regina, SK)

Bio Says: “Recorded alone in the basement, Bearer is 11 songs built on a weathered piano, a warm guitar, a clarinet, and the melody of a broken heart. At the heart is Andy’s one-of-a-kind voice and dark knack for story.”

Thinks he sounds like: Elliott Smith, Paul McCartney

Sounds like: Living in Regina.

Honest review: I would never buy an Andy Shauf record. Nor would I bother tracking down a free download. BUT: Andy Shauf might actually be good. There is actual talent here, taste in both lyrics and arrangements (the production… not so much. Listen to those early Elliott Smith albums recorded on 4track some more and get back to me).

I’d go as far as saying there is some potential here that I haven’t heard in a single band reviewed to this point. Not bad. Except “not bad” really isn’t cutting it for me: being on top of shit mountain isn’t really much to brag about.

Reverbnation account? Yep (tsk tsk).


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