Today I started my first petition. Much Music: Bring Back disBand http://www.thepetitionsite.com/908/840/470/much-music-bring-back-disband/

If the US election cycle taught me anything, it is BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE.

instead of bothering my friends about environmentalist shit that none of them really care about (ha!), I started a petition to get MuchMusic to bring back my favourite TV show: disBAND.

For the uninitiated, disBAND lasted two seasons and 33 episode.

Here are some FACTS about disBAND

– 33 Canadian bands were featured.

– 8 Bands got “MAJOR LABEL” contraxxx out of their appearance on the show:

Dean Lickyer (Hamilton) – Signed to Underground Operations, currently inactive

Stereos (Edmonton) – Signed to Universal, currently disBanded

Mean Tangerine – given an official disBAND from judges on the show, but later signed to Fontana and curently disBanded

From the official Mean Tangerine webspace:
Seriously, bad things just kept on happening and Mean Tangerine just started giving us really bad vibes, and too much was changing and it just didn’t feel like “Mean Tangerine”. It was supposed to be fun and sick, and it started being such a chore, an expensive, frustrating, mind numbing chore. Too many bass players, and no van that works properly will really put an end to a band quick I tell ya! Ha, I was thinking about it, Mean Tangerine was a band longer than The Beatles were ever a band (Obviously not that I’m ya know, comparing us or anything, I just mean time wise….) We did it for 8 years, and it was fun as hell for most of it but that’s just too long to be a band, with really not too much success to show for it.

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