Drunkdriver – Knife Day 7″


A. Knife Day
B. January 2nd 

Label/Buy: Fan Death Records
Listen: Myspace (although if you want to listen to a specific track from this 7″, you’d be better off going to Fan Death’s Myspace, linked through their site linked above)

If Drunkdriver’s full-length LP from last year, Born Pregnant, was not enough for you, then have I got some good news for you. in the Their new 7″, Knife Day, finds them pushing their already punishing hardcore sound to even higher levels. I don’t know if the single format suits these guys more or if the up-and-comers at Fan Death caught these guys at their best, but this single is Drunkdriver at their most focused.

Here is some honesty for you: I was (that last word is key) not a huge fan of Born Pregnant until I listened to this latest 7″. This single has sold me on Drunkdriver. Enough that I went back, revisited their LP and yes, you may now consider me a fan of this Drunkdriver. On Knife Day, it sounds like they have gone even farther in their mission to lead their listeners into pummeled submission. I hesitate to say that they’ve gone “all the way”, as that says that they have nowhere left to go. For all of our collective eardrums, I’m hoping that there’s still some unexplored level of sonic punishment they haven’t reached yet.

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