Public Service Announcement: Down in the Ground

Don’t order records from Down in the Ground Records. This label “released” 4 records in late 2k8 – an Alters 7″, a 3-way split with COLD CAVE / BLESSURE GRAVE (the dude from which apparently runs Down in the Ground) / CROCODILES, a Blank Dogs 7″ and a Wounded Lion 7″.

I ordered the split, the BD and the Wounded Lion, but have only received the 3-way split. Mind you, these records were ordered in DECEMBER. Fuck that.

Part of this was my fault – one should never pre-order 3 different records in a row from an unknown label, just a scam waiting to happen. I get how life can catch up on a person, I get that sometimes things take time, but this is just stupid.

Don’t throw your money down the toilet.

13 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement: Down in the Ground

  1. I’m still waiting from December the 3-way split with COLD CAVE / BLESSURE GRAVE and the Blank Dogs 7″ as well.
    Did you try to contact the label? No reply?

  2. I was wondering what was going on after not receiving the Blank Dogs 7″ by March.

    Damn. Well, good to hear I’m not the only one who got screwed. I guess.

  3. Ha! I think I got screwed too. I did get the three way split, but no Wounded Lion or Blank Dogs yet…I wonder if he set up a preorder way before he started the process of even pressing them.
    I’ve heard this guy is fucked up, but does someone have a previous experience with him running another label? If that’s true, then I’ll stop checking the mail.

  4. glad to hear that i’m not the only one, i preordered the split in december and never saw it. more disappointed about not getting the record then the 8 bucks. shitty

  5. I never got my 3-way either and I ordered 2. I dig Cold Cave, but should’ve known better as stated above. I’m pissed, but feel a bit better knowing I’m not the only one. No more preorders to unknown labels.

  6. Oh boy. I had a funny feeling Toby was involved with this.

    This guy (and his associates) has been scamming people for a long time. He was involved with Double Fantasy in Portland until it dissolved, as well as another label whose name escapes me. SOP: Befriend smallish “hype bands” (in this case, Crocodiles, Blank Dogs, etc.), offer to put out their records, announce 5-10 upcoming releases on Myspace, take preorders, then disappear/start a new label under the guise of semi-anonymity. 1 or possibly 2 of the records are actually pressed, and the rest are abandoned.

    The Double Fantasy situation pissed off a LOT of people, and it sounds like this one will, too. Be careful out there.

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