El Jesus de Magico – Scalping the Guru LP


Label: Columbus Discount Records
Listen: Myspace (the songs on tthis LP aren’t on their player but still, if you haven’t heard them, get an idea…)
Buy: Scratch

Here’s what I was going to do: I was going to write a big, long post detailing the latest batch of releases from Columbus Discount Records. Then, I realized that despite me enjoying the Pillow Talk 7″ a LOT, I didn’t have much different to say than what CDR’s website has to say about it, that I didn’t have much at all to say about the Outer Spacist 7″ (it’s good), and that the Dan Melchior is…Dan Melchior (note: not a bad thing).

However, as you might have guessed, the El Jesus de Magico LP that was released with the above is the one that really caught me off-guard. Up until now, what I’ve heard of these guys (namely the Funeral Home Sessions and Unclean Ghost 7-inches) gave no indication that they were about to put something like Scalping the Guru out. Until now, they’ve been putting out some pretty exceptional lo-fi psych-punk jams and if they continued in this direction, I doubt many would have complained.

Their new LP, Scalping the Guru, is something else. El Jesus de Magico decided to go all kraut rock on us, creating 2009’s first possible best-of-the-year contender. What does it sound like? Imagine these guys trying to cover Amon Duul II’s longer, heavier dirges, somewhat failing to recreate the former’s sound (El Jesus is a little less on the proggy side) but succeeding completely in creating a new sound for themselves. These songs strike a perfect balance between abstract/jammy and a psych sound that is completely focused.

My only complaint is that the whole record is barely longer than half an hour and when you’ve got a kraut-y sound like that of Scalping the Guru, that’s barely enough.

While this record is sold out almost everywhere, Scratch apparently still has it on sale. Don’t blow it.

3 thoughts on “El Jesus de Magico – Scalping the Guru LP

  1. I tried to get this from scratch a while back…no dice. I looked for this everywhere. Wish I could hear it.
    On another note…pillow talk? That sounded ridiculous to me. It made me go back and question all the no-fi electronic stuff that’s out there.

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