Captured Tracks – 7 new releases!


On top of the new Blank Dogs and new Dum Dum Girls 12″s that just came out (Captured Tracks 01 and 02), you can now order Captured Tracks 03 to 09. This label, curated by Mr. Bank Dogs himself, is coming out of the gate with SEVEN new releases. If you go to this Terminal Boredom thread,
you can order 03 to 09 all at once, which is nice because it saves you shipping and time. Plus, when that package comes, your mind will be completely blown.

Check out this list (commentary from the label): 2 cassettes, 2 7″, 2 12″!

Debut release. Four tracks of ’74 Germany+’79 Sheffield+’09 Australia.
Ltd. to 250.

CT-004 WOODS 7″ Single.
WOODS are a real band. These are two of their best songs. Listen to the B-Side “The Dark” on their site.

CT-005 Brilliant Colors 7″ Single.
Their 2nd 7″. You have the first on Make a Mess, right? The best.

CT-006 The Mayfair Set 7″ Single.
Dum Dum Girls and Blank Dogs co-op band. More, more sad hits. (Reference intentional.) Slightly oversized envelope sleeve. Half w/ silver print, half w/ gold.

CT-007 Gary War “Opens” CS EP.
The Gary War live group is alive. Recorded on WFMU’s great “Choking on Cufflinks” show. Conveniently made available on the supposedly inconvenient cassette format. Ltd. to 300 copies.

CT-008 The Bitters “Wooden Glove” 12″ EP.
The Bitters are the Cave Pop stars of the future.

CT-009 Blessure Grave “Learn to Love the Rope” 12″ EP.
Doomsday duo make it to the large format.

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