Death – …For the Whole World To See LP

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Label: Drag City
Listen: Myspace or Chunklet (for mp3s)

Today, February 17th, marks the release date of Drag City’s newest reissue, Death’s …For the Whole World To See.

The backstory of this record is admittedly less fascinating than Drag City’s other recent reissue icon, J.T. IV. For the sake of not telling a story again word for word, let’s make it short. Basically, three guys from Detroit formed a band. In 1974, they recorded a full-length for Columbia Records. Said label wanted them to change their band name to something more marketable. They said no and instead, self-released the Politicians In My Eyes 7″ in 1976. Since then, that 7″ has become a highly sought-after collector’s item.

However, like J.T. IV, the story has resulted in a fantastic record. The seven tracks on …For the Whole World To See have been called a literal predecessor to the Bad Brains. While I can hear it, Death sound a lot more like a traditional rock’n’roll band than the Bad Brains’ punk style. Not that I’m complaining, I just think Thin Lizzy would be a more suitable comparison to make, if you’re into that kind of thing (and the recording date of this predates the release of Jailbreak by two years!). I really want to single out tracks to highlight on here but hell, with only seven tracks, all of them are worthy of classic rock anthem status. These should be played on classic rock radio, and it would be, if said radio stations had a farther reach.

As far as I know, Drag City has sold out of the LPs on pre-orders but check the distros listed at the side. Soon enough, they should have some in. Better yet, check your local record store if they have it in. Copies of this, I hear, are not as scarce as the J.T. IV LP (which has just been repressed, as a matter of fact).

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