Apollo Ghosts – Hastings Sunrise LP


Label: Self – Released

Listen: Myspace

My friend Jarrett Evan Samson (who I’ve “known” for a long time on various Guided By Voices message boards, but who is a member of such awesome bands as Collapsing Opposites / Role Mach / Shipyards; he is also going to be part of the Endangered Ape vinyl debut soon-ish! This is a lot of information for a bracket. Perhaps it should have been a footnote? Too late now…) sent me this record from The Apollo Ghosts in the mail because he just thought I should hear it. Which, in my opinion, is a pretty nice thing to do. I’m trying to figure out something to send back. Maybe a copy of the NoBunny record? Turns out that I had been hearing about this record from another online “acquaintance” Ryan Catbird (who I “know” from the Destroyer message board, and who runs the only indie-centric music blog that I still read), and I am embarassed to admit that I was going to order a copy for myself, even though Jarret said he was sending me a copy. I was waiting for Payday actually, and then “MAGIC” here is

This might be the nerdiest opening paragraph in 7/10/12 history.  Internet friends!

Like a Destroyer record, Apollo Ghost’s Hastings Sunrise is all about unique vocal delivery delivering clever lyrics. In this case, Adrian Teacher employs a variation of the classic baroque-pop style that evokes the romantic-pop of the mid 80’s. Even with the emphasis on that voice, delivering those lyrics, there is lots to grab onto here – from the great production (JC/DC studios, just like a Destroyer record!), to the two minute pop-songs floating around this album. Most of these songs hover around the two minute mark, which gives the album a sense of urgency from start to finish even when the songs slow down and Teacher takes on the role of plaintive crooner (“Ghost, Get Out of My Apartment” reminds me of that awesome Devon Williams album from last year).  Album highlight comes in the form of the jittery second track, “Land of the Morning Calm” which, at two-minutes is one of those songs that advocates finish/restart/finish/restart behavour – one of the best pop-songs I’ve heard in a long time. At 300 copies on vinyl (available through their myspace page), Hastings Sunrise is a debut that marks the start of a brilliant career.

One thought on “Apollo Ghosts – Hastings Sunrise LP

  1. Listened to this one just this afternoon. I’m loving it and can’t seem to stop playing it. “Shadow Boxing Bruce Lee” is superb.

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