The Spooks – Death From Beyond the Grave – LP

Label: Die Slaughterhaus
Buy: From the Label
Listen: Myspace

The Spooks is a “Ghost-rock” band featuring Cole, Jared and Joe of the Black lips, as well as some people from Deerhunter and The Kiwis (though I don’t know who).  According to the Die Slaughterhaus website, “the seven year wait is over!”, though I’m not sure exactly who was waiting for this for seven years.

Look, I’m not wanting to jump on any Black Lips backlash bandwagon – I think the new single is pretty good, I honestly think that “Good Bad Not Evil” is a great record with some great songs. Though I haven’t listened to the new album (which has apparently leaked), I’m kind of excited to hear it, and I’ll give it an honest chance because Black Lips are one of my favourite bands.

But this Spooks LP is something else entirely – dreadful might be the word I am looking for. Sounds like The Black Lips featuring “spooky” (re: annoying) keys with lots of background “woooooooooohhhhooohhhhh” vocals (you know, the “scary” ghost sound). The whole thing is mired in the worst lo-fi production that makes the whole thing sound like garbage.  This is the worst record I have spent money on in at least a year.

On the plus side:  the LP comes with 3D glasses, and the cover is 3D, so that is cool.

For fans only.

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