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Last December, I put out the cassette only Alberta Boom! compilation on my label Mammoth Cave (featuring The Wicked Awesomes, The Ostrich, Pine Tarts, Los Cremators, Menehune and my own band Endangered Ape). Given that this was a cassette, and there are a lot of people without cassette-players, I wanted to include a a digital download code.

Looking around for this service, I found a few companies that were doing it, but at a cost that nearly doubled my budget (lowest price for a similar was $120, highest is around $250). In talking to my friend and computer coding genius Jeff King about my predicament, he told me that he could work up some code to do just this, and here Transmit Vinyl was born.

The idea isn’t new, but the pricing is – we are aimed at the numerous small-labels doing micro-releases on tiny budgets. We are currently offering an introductory rate of $25 for 500 unique codes for 192K Mp3s (though we can be flexible on this).

For $25 we offer:

– Hosting that is guaranteed for min 5 years (likely much longer than that)

– Each code gets 4 downloads in a 24 hour time-frame to minimize code-sharing.

– Customizable download code-ticket that can include the album art or your label’s logo

– Quick Turnaround time – In one business day from the time we get everything. from you, you will get a .pdf that you can print out, and insert into your vinyl or cassette release (this saves on shipping and printing – just do it yourself).

– Every label will get their own web url (for example, like the one for Mammoth Cave – that we can set up for you.

Labels, get in touch! Email me:


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