The Weakends – S/T LP


Label/Buy: Rob’s House
Listen: Myspace

First things first, bad news. The Weakends are from France. Uhh, no, that’s not the bad news. The bad news is that I thought these guys were from North America. Along with my last post, where I admitted that I thought Le Face was from France, it spells it out quite clearly that I need to learn the difference between bands from North America and bands from France. Is there some rule? A formula perhaps? Help me out.

Anyway, the Weakends plays the kind of blues-inspired rock’n’roll that everyone should be tired of by now. God knows I am. This time around, it works because they don’t take themselves too seriously – inserting a garage number like “Arty Party” that breaks up the momentum and clearly does not belong is a pretty ballsy move. It works also because these guys aren’t trying to be Blues Hammer. It’s like this: I get the feeling that these guys aren’t trying so much to ape their influences as so much as just play what they know and have fun while doing so. It’s a feeling that I don’t often get with this type of music.

When you’re in a band like the Weakends and you’re having fun playing your music, more often than not, it translates to what you release. When you’re in a band and you’re concerned with authenticity rather than just playing what you know, more often than not, it’ll probably be a chore for anyone and everyone to listen to.

Thankfully, the Weakends sound like they’re having fun.

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