New Release Round Up

So many things of note that have just been released, are imminent or that I had missed that a nice little round-up is in order. Who knows, maybe you’ll order something!

HoZac “Hookup Klub” 7″ Single Club: I wasn’t going to write about this for some reason, but then I was reading Seven Inches about how Jason missed the pre-order call, and I figured there were a few more of you who might have missed the very exciting news.

Essentially, HoZac has one of the best tracklists around. I just “completed” my collection with the addition of the Spider 7″ (HoZac 002), and I can say that I listen to every record on a regular basis, save for the White Savage 7″ and the Subtle Turnhips 7″ (though, I think Thomas from The Wicked Awesomes spoiled that one after a show we played with them, and a small group of us stayed up all night drinking and listening to records, and he went on an hour-long tyrade about how much he hated that record).

You’re going to get 10 records in this club in three seperate mailings, a bunch of stuff that no-one has heard of yet, including: Teeth (a collaboration between Blank Dogs and Spider!!!), Dum Dum Girls (who also have a 12″ coming on Blank Dogs new record label Captured Tracks), TeePee (the cassette on Jerkwave is fucking great). Also, a new Box Elders 7″ (finally), and a band I’ve been recently turned on to – White Mystery. The rest – Idle Times, Woven Bones, Art Thieves, Flight, Mother of Tears – I don’t know too much about, but I trust HoZac to do me right. Limited to 500 records each.


Vaticano “Mocosos Pateticos LP”

Out on the great Siltbreeze label, this has been best described as “The Mexican Spits”, and that certainly sounds accurate to me. Sloppy, lofi garage punk, sung in Spanish. Limited to 700.


Dull Knife Records has announced the Dull Knife Songwriter Series which should be available in the next six weeks. The initial entries will be from Richard Youngs and Dan Melchior, with each 7″ in a hand-numbered edition of 300. They also have the RTFO Bandwagon LP coming soon!


Death …For the Whole World to See LP

This re-issue (recorded originally in 1974) has me v. excited. Drag City has pre-orders up now.


Eat Skull have a new split 7″ with Gaglions. Gonna set you back $7.08 Paypal


2 thoughts on “New Release Round Up

  1. Whoa…I almost missed the Hozac club…thank god I was able to subscribe just in time. Looking forward to reading about them here.
    What’s that songwriter series on Dull knife…they aren’t talking about it anywhere!
    thanks guys….let’s make a podcast happen!

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