Suppositories – Moments of Square Violence LP

Label/Buy: Going Gaga Records
Listen: Myspace

Wire’s Pink Flag has been picked apart and reinterpreted in so many ways by so many different bands, and yet hearing the debut debut from Ottowa’s Suppositories made me realize how much potential there is in riffing off of the slower, sludgier songs on that album – “Reuters” and “Pink Flag” especially. Take a deliberate, driving chord progression, and repeat until song has reached its logical conclusion. Moments of Square Violence is full of songs that use this style, and the result is a collection of claustrophobic songs that just build and build without having to rely on getting heavy or loud or overly complicated.  These are short, simple and devastatingly effective songs. Moments of Square Violence definitely benefits from great production, and because it is vinyl only (45 RPM 12″, nice!), the songs have some time to grow on you.

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