The Hunches – Exit Dreams LP


Label: In The Red
Listen: Myspace (no songs are up but maybe keep checking back…?)
Buy: Midheaven

After the longest wait, The Hunches have finally put out their anticipated third and final LP, Exit Dreams. Not content to leave us with their effort from 2004, Hobo Sunrise, this Portland band has decided to go out with a fuzzed-out bang. Like most bands of their ilk, they are most effective at a maxed-out tempo. Tracks like “Ate My Wheel” and “Pinwheel Spins” are some of the best music they’ve released (and barring a comeback, that they will ever release). Although the record drags a bit when they decide to drag (“Not Invented”), there are more than enough highlights here to make Exit Dreams a solid final LP from one of the best bands so far this century.

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