The White Wires – Girly Girly Girly LP


Label: Going Gaga
Buy: (from the label)
Listen: Myspace

Former Calgarian (and Cryptomaniac) Ian Manhire moved to Ottawa in 2007, breaking the hearts of local garage punk lovers in the process. As it turns out, Ian has been one busy guy, starting up his own vinyl-only record label Going Gaga Records, starting up an Ottawa based festival (Gaga Fest), and playing in two great bands (that I know of), The Sedatives and this band, The White Wires. Whereas the Sedatives happily picked up where The Cryptomaniacs left off (see their 7” on P Trash), The White Wires are an entirely different tangent of the garage scene, at times playing the innocent brand of early Rock ‘N Roll (non-wimpy Roy Orbison, Eddie Cochrine, pre-Pet Sounds Beach Boys) as employed by underground favourites Nobunny, The Romance Novels and Eric and the Happy Thoughts. “Girly Girly Girly” is an album filled with stick in your brain songs, indelible pop-hooks, and enough variety to hold your interest throughout – this is about as good as it gets. This LP is limited to 325 hand-screened copies, so act fast.


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