Love Tan – Miscellaneous Night Feelings LP


Label/Buy: Kill Shaman
Listen: Myspace

Up next in my never-ending “recent LPs you may have missed” series is Love Tan’s Miscellaneous Night Feelings LP. Maybe because of the late October/November release date, I didn’t see this on many year-end lists. Admittedly, this didn’t come to my attention until recently either, so maybe we’re all at fault here.

Previously known as Pyramids, this duo (one half, Matthew Ford, is in Factums and was at one time a member of The Intelligence) released a 7″ on Sweet Rot prior to this most recent LP. For some, the Factums and Intelligence connections may be more than enough to sell you on this record but personally, they cancel each other out. The Intelligence may be one of my favorite bands of the past few years (I like them even more than the A Frames, sue me) but Factums’ post-Alien Native output has more or less scared me away from this band.

The thing that’s great about Love Tan is that you get the best of both worlds. They sound like The Intelligence on downers some of the time while the Factums’ more abstract tendencies come into play at times as well. No song on Miscellaneous Night Feelings exemplifies what these two guys are capable more than “Dissolve”. The first 40 seconds sounds like the guys farting with their instruments. Then, the barely-intelligible vocals (natch) kick in, lending some structure to the song, a structure that slowly emerges as the song progresses. Check the song out on their Myspace page.

Then order the record.


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