Siltbreeze Roundup: Hank IV, Der TPK, The Love Is So Fast

Hank IV – Refuge in Genre


Teenage Pankerkorps (Der TPK) – Games for Slaves


The Love Is So Fast – S/T


Label: Siltbreeze (uh huh)
Listen: Myspace (go to their top friends section for links to Hank IV and Der TPK’s myspace sites; as for The Love Is So Fast, go to Los Llamarada’s myspace linked below and imagine a sloppier version of them)
Buy: Midheaven

Hank IV’s second LP (and Siltbreeze debut), Refuge in Genre, is perhaps the most accessible record to have come out on said label thus far, at least since their comeback. Full of the kind of no-frills garage punk that everyone needs once in awhile, even if they’re really into Roxy Music’s Avalon, like I am right now. I initially heard Mission of Burma when I popped this onto the player but now, it’s etched its own place in my listening pile. Probably my most listened to of the three. I’d love to sing along to “Feeding Me Back” if I ever see these guys live.

Der TPK’s (Teenage Pankerkorps) new record, Games for Slaves, sounds pretty sinister. The vocalist, Bunker Wolf, sings in this German drawl that just doesn’t bring to mind rainbows and puppies, you know? It doesn’t help that these songs are pretty dirgey. If you’re not in the right mood, then this record can get to you in the worst way possible. Still, give it a chance on a less than sunny day, and listen in.

The Love Is So Fast is Danyhell and Estrella from Los Llamarada’s side project. Yeah, reactions to this one are quite varied but I’m with this duo. Sure, most of the songs sound like incomplete ideas but really, this was recorded live in one take. Give them a break. There are more winning moments on this than I’d expect from an improvised bedroom project. Either way, the question is, are a handful of moments enough to recommend paying LP price for five songs? I’ll let you decide.


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