Wild About Jenkem 7″ Comp


Buy: Killer Diller Records

A collection of 10 songs by 10 bands you either know and love (or will soon know and love), all writing songs about jenkem. Everything is a minute-long or so. A-side is the “fast” side, while the songs on the b-side are a bit slower. I can’t recommend this enough. I wrote out something for every song on this, in the time it took the song to play out.

Live Fast Die: I Need You (Leroy): Deserving of its own single.
Nice Face: JuJu for Jenkem: Best Nice Face song ever? Holy shit.
Coconut Coolouts: Luke MPende Says… (Pt. 1):  Love this one as much as the first two, goooood.
Back C.C.’s: Jenkem Stankem: This is the first song I’ve heard from this band, and now I’m tracking every
Party Cannon:Fucked Up: “Get Fucked UP! Get Fucked UP! Get Fucked UP!”, which pretty much sums up this song.
Gaye Blades: My Shit Belongs to Pee: Let’s slow it down a little? Indeed.
Nick Storella: Bottle & Balloon: Also have to  find more from this guy.
Wizzard Sleeve: Children of Manda: I imagine that if you were spending your day getting ripped on Jenkem, this song is what it would feel like. Disorienting, slow, fucking scary.
Clean Teens : It’s In the Bag: Song lyrics right from the wikipedia page, done in the style of Jerry Lee Lewis. Rad.
Forks&Knives&Spoons:Ballad of Leroy Jenkems: 1 minute of bluesy nonsense. The only thing I don’t love.

This comp is about as solid as comps go in my book.


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