Hozac Gold Rush!

This came to me an hour and a half ago, so hurry if you want GOLD!!!

HZR-024  NOBUNNY – ‘Give it To Me’ b/w ‘Motorhead With Me’  7″
After a long wait, here it is, the first official Nobunny 7″ single. Just as the rest of the modern world is warming up to the fuzzy pop nightmare of Nobunny’s debut LP, we’ve got the follow-up 7″ with two brand new songs that will bring back that virginal feeling “down there” and reinstate your faith in humanity. Sunshine Ramones pop run through a Kim Fowley diarrhea daydream that will have you mesmerized by it’s simplicity, and won over before the end of the chorus on the first side. Two more stone-cold classic Nobunny songs that’ll stick with you through the hard times and with laden with hooks so infectious that you’ll have to have them surgiacally removed from your brain.
First 200 Gold Editions come wrapped in a ghastly ‘Lecherous Leisure Suit’ alternate sleeve, and fits nicely in that cold, empty spot in your heart.

HZR-025  FRANCE has the BOMB – ‘Invisible Angle’  b/w ‘Grim Trigger’  7″
With all of the penetrating excitement that France Has the Bomb delivers live, they really boil it down even better on record, and if you haven’t been privvy to seeing this Minneapolis supergroup in person, then you need to make it a priority. After their essential debut single on Dusty Medical Records earlier this Spring, we jumped at the chance to offer up two more brain-tazing avant pop bombs to drop, and with Chicago ex-patriate Srini Radhakrishna (Guilty Pleasures, White Outs) at the songwriting helm, along with Danny from Soviettes, Sgt 6 Assault, and Awesome Snakes, and Hideo from Sweet JAP/Birthday Suits, it’s a jarring Flying Nun-style pop explosion that will surprise you, to say the least. First 200 Gold Editions come wrapped in an alternate “Punk Pixelated” sleeve.

HZR-026  NICE FACE – ‘Exterminator’ b/w ‘FUBAR Over You’ 7″
After a stunning debut 7″ on Sacred Bones earlier this year, and a mindbending cassette release on Jerkwave, Nice Face have returned to the proper 7″ format with two instant classic pop songs that blast the buzz with corrosive hooks so penetrating, you’ll swear you’ve had them swimming in your head for ages. Originally known as the “other” faceless Brooklyn home recording project (with pals Blank Dogs), Nice Face are far less melancholy, and delve into the upbeat Devo pop spectrum, blasting the guitars out up front for a devastating two-song 7″ single that will leave you panting for more.
First 200 Gold Editions come wrapped in a textured “Hitler/Stalin Love Train” alternate sleeve.

ALSO Available:
limited represses of Wizzard Sleeve, Nothing People, Daily Void, Dutchess and Duke, Jacuzi Boys and Lover! singles (editions of 200 not many left!)

all ordering information is listed below so please get your copies right away if you “need” the gold edition.
(NOTE: *need = plasma, oxygen  *want = records, fancy sunglasses)

Ordering Info:

Sorry, but we have to limit the Gold Editions to ONE copy PER release title, PER order.

Canada and Euro orders ship airmail.
All prices are postage paid. We are offering a special low price for one of each single which is obviously the best deal.


PAYPAL account is : todd (at) horizontalaction.com

one 7″ – $6.75 ppd
two 7″ – $12.50 ppd
three 7″ – $17.75 ppd
four 7″ – $22.25 ppd
five 7″ – $26.50 ppd
six 7″ – $31.75 ppd

CANADA/MEX/South America
one 7″ – $7.25 ppd
two 7″ – $13.50 ppd
three 7″ – $18.95ppd
four 7″ – $24.00 ppd
five 7″ – $28.25 ppd
six 7″ – $33.50 ppd

one 7″ – $10.75 ppd
two 7″ – $19.75 ppd
three 7″ – $27.95 ppd
four 7″ – $33.50 ppd
five 7″ – $38.95 ppd
six 7″ – $45.50 ppd

regular mailing address (MO payable to Horizontal Action, or well-concealed cash at your own risk, – PLEASE EMAIL TO RESERVE COPIES – todd (at) horizontalaction.com


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