Thee Oh Sees – Carol Anne 7″

a: Carol Anne
b: Bloody Waters

300 Pressed
Label: Slowboy
Buy: Try contacting: or wait for Florida’s Dying to get some in (should be soon!)
Listen: Myspace

Thee Oh Sees have been the one constant band for me in 2008. I found out about this combo earlier this year with their newest album “The Masters Bedroom is Worth Spending the Night In” (though I don’t want to spoil my “year end list”, suffice it to say that this is at the top), and then spent a good deal of time tracking down everything else I could find (still looking for a copy of “Sucks Blood” on vinyl – NE1??). After 7 LPs (!!!), 3 EPs and 1 6″ Lathe cut, this is the first time Thee Oh Sees find themselves on the 7″ record format, which is a little surprising really.

Slowboy out of Germany released this 7″, and though I paid for this way back in September, it only just arrived the other day, definitely living up to their name. There is a chance they might have a few copies if you miss out on the few that have come through distros (Florida’s Dying should have some soon-ish).

What can you expect to hear on this record?  All of Thee Oh Sees of the “Master’s Bedroom…” era incarnation of the band are here – primitive rock-and-roll played heavy on the floor tom; John Dwyer/Brigid Dawson sing-shouting in unison (with Brigid sometimes falling into the background for shapeless harmonizing); lots of Space Echo and spring-verb. “Carol Anne” is a highlight for me – holding up to any of their best songs, and for that matter “Bloody Waters” is just as good. Plus, I’m not 100%, but sounds like a short instrumental freakout on the B-Side.

This is as good as it get kids, grab a copy before you can’t.

2 thoughts on “Thee Oh Sees – Carol Anne 7″

  1. that apple is high as fuck! you can also find an early incarnation of “carol anne” on the “blood bomb” 7″ dwyer put out with his post-coachwhips band YIKES! also, funny, the “possibly related posts” thing links to a blog with an entry called “trend alert: thee oh sees”, which was written by a young lady with severe fetal alcohol syndrome.

  2. i actually prefer the yikes! version of “carol ann.” i LOVE thee oh sees, don’t get me wrong, but i have to admit- those yikes! albums get the most play out of any dwyer outfit thus yet.

    thasss all, thanks!

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