Sex/Vid – Communal Living LP


Label: Dom America
Buy: Bistro Distro

After a cassette and three seven-inches, Olympia, Washington’s Sex/Vid has graced us with their first full-length LP, Communal Living. While their singles showed us a band fully capable of pushing hardcore to its densest and most claustrophobic that it could be (I swear, you can’t even hear a millisecond of silence on the Tania 7″), Sex/Vid does a trade-off this time around. On Communal Living, they open up their songs a bit, letting their material breathe a bit. What the hell am I talking about? These cliches I’m spouting? What it basically means is that they’re a bit more conventional this time around.

Do I enjoy it? On a visceral level, yes. Judging Communal Living on its own merit, yes, it’s a fantastic record. However, when compared to the Tania and Nests seven-inches, it pales. Those singles are a marvel to listen to, just to hear how dense and crushing their sound is. I guess the question is whether a band’s past work should factor into an assessment of their latest. For some of you, the answer is probably obvious, but it’s really hard in this case to forget something like the combination of “Firm Grasp” and “Misprint” on side A of Tania.

One more thing – please knock it off with the Die Kreuzen comparisons.

Thanks in advance.


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