Cheval Sombre and Boron

Cheval Sombre – I Found It Not So b/w Where Did Our Love Go 7″


A. I Found It Not So
B. Where Did Our Love Go

Label: Static Caravan
Listen: Myspace
Buy: Darla

Not even getting what I assume to be their heroes to make an appearance (Dean Wareham of Galaxie 500/Luna and Britta Phillips of the latter plays on the track, Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 produces) could save the A-side of New York’s Cheval Sombre’s new 7-inch from sounding like slowcore-by-numbers. The track is bathed in reverb, the vocals sound he’s in a trance (natch – he actually reminds me of Mathew Sweet, no not that one, I’m talking about Boduf Songs), and the whole affair moves slower than the time it is taking for My Bloody Valentine to release a new record. Sorry, I’d rather listen to Lazer Guided Melodies/Pure Phase. He fares a bit better on the B-side because it’s the goddamn Supremes he’s covering but sorry, I’d rather listen to Solange Knowles’ reworking of the classic track. All in all, this 7-inch was pressed so that journalists have a new excuse to use the adjectives “dreamy” and “lush”. For fans of the genre.

Cheval Sombre – I Sleep 7″


A. I Sleep (Alpha Waves)
B. I Sleep (Delta Waves)

Label: Trensmat

See above.

Boron and the Grebes – You’re A Horrible Person 7″

Couldn’t find a picture.

“Boron” Side: The Prophet Hooligan
“Grebe” Side: You’re A Horrible Person 

Listen/Buy: Myspace

Save your money and pick up that Hospitals record that came out earlier this year.

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