Eric and the Happy Thoughts – “Never Gonna Do It” 7″

a1: Never Gonna Do It
a2: Ride, Ride Ride
b1: Indiana Girls

Label: Bubbledumb Records
Buy: 1-2-3-4 Go Records (email for availability / Other distros to come)
Listen: Myspace

After the long national nightmare that was the original pressing of NoBunny’s Love Visions (long story short: guy decides to start this cool label called Bubbledumb, puts out a record that people really, really wanted, shit the bed sending them out to people. taking months to get people their records, as well as the “limited” pink copies being warped).

Indiana’s Eric and the Happy Thoughts are part of Bubbledumb’s next release, and comes as highly anticipated as the NoBunny record, though this time it seems as if he learned from his mistakes, as he isn’t taking direct orders, dealing instead with a series of small distros to get these out. Seeing as how I just successfully placed and order with the first distro that I saw with a copy (1-2-3-4 GO, also responsible for the NoBunny re-issue), I figured it was time to write about this.

Kallen hooked me up with Mp3’s of the Eric and the Happy Thoughts demo (that has the three songs from this 7″, plus a lot of others) a month or so ago, and to say that I’ve been kind of obsessed with it is an understatement. These songs are all top notch early-rock and roll played innocent – think The Everly Brothers or Roy Orbison, but at the same time, sounding self-produced and kind of lo-fi (but not in a muddled-lo-fi way). A good song can still shine in bad production, and these songs are more evidence to that.

I think I speak for both myself and Kallen to say that this one is highly recommended.

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