Tyvek – Sidewalk 7″

What? I’m not writing about an LP this time around? Guess I’m falling in line…


A. Sidewalk
B1. Flashing Lights
B2. Future Junk 

Label: M’Lady’s
Listen: Myspace
Buy: Bistro Distro still has copies of the first pressing apparently?

Dear Tyvek,

Enough is enough.

You guys have been one of my favorite current bands ever since I heard the Fast Metabolism CDR last year. Ten concise songs full of hooks that made sense the more you listened to it, with lo-fi production that fit perfectly. You guys kicked some major ass live and what’s more, Kevin is a pretty nice guy (and not just in the friend-rock apologist way either!). The thing is, I just heard that M’Lady’s is going to repress your Sidewalk 7″.

What is the fucking deal with that?

I know Dusted expressed and published this thought before I did but I’ll reiterate (and so!), most of us fans have heard these songs before. It would be one thing if you re-recorded the songs like you guys did on your newer Cauldron Born CDR but no, these are the exact same songs that have been around for a year.

(Look, I know that not everyone has heard Fast Metabolism and, fair enough, Sidewalk is good for newcomers – it’s easier to seek out a distro and order a 7″ then to scour the internet for mp3s of an unavailable CDR. If you’re reading this and you haven’t heard Tyvek, don’t let my buzz-harshing discourage you – get the aforementioned 7″ and also the Summer Burns 2×7″. Both are amazing singles worth spending your dollars on.)

I can’t speak for all the fans out there, but I personally feel like you’re taking advantage of the collectors out there who will get anything and everything you guys put out. Not cool. While you were busy putting out 7-inch singles of already-released material, you guys could have put out an LP of new material.

What I’m trying to say through all of this long-winded, unorganized, whiny record-collector bullshit I’m spouting is that the Siltbreeze LP better be fucking good. It also better be full of new material too.

I still love you guys though. Seriously.

Kallen Law

P.S. What are you guys called these days? TVK? Tyvke? Tyvjk?

4 thoughts on “Tyvek – Sidewalk 7″

    • yes chris i do write for this here blog ^____^

      Umm, so how did you find me here? Another friend just came up to me at a show the other night telling me how he found me on here (and on a message board but that’s something else).

      It’s cool cause I don’t even promote the shit I do cause I like people to discover my shit in a more organic way than because I’m friends with them (like, I doubt more than half my friends know I have a radio show)…well, rarely.

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