Blank Dogs – The Fields Mini LP/Cassette


Limited to 200 – order the cassette here (there can’t be many left – I have #175).


Order the LP here.
A1: Red World
A2: Before the Hours
A3: The Other Way
A4: Spinning
B1: Passing the Light
B2: Now Signals
B3: All Photographs

Label: Woodist/Fuck It Tapes
Listen: Myspace
Download the entire discography up to The Fields HERE.

Its been a year since I started listening to Blank Dogs religiously, and it is getting to the point where it is starting to boarder on fanaticism. I deal with a nasty case of insomnia, and often when I am lying in bed, I get a snippet of one of these songs in my head, looping over and over and over to the point that I start going a bit crazy and need to get out of bed and watch tv or read a book or anything to get these ghosts out of my system.

I play Blank Dogs for my friends, and a lot of them get a pained look on their faces, all I hear is how “weird” it sounds. Other friends hear it and get instantly hooked, to which I imagine that this music scratches the same itch in them as it does me. The instant melancholy that accompanies these sounds, the distant nostalgia, the ghosts that enter the room when this music is being played.

The newest release from Mr. Blank Dogs comes in the form of a Cassette and Mini-LP album of songs that has some of the most immediately accessible songs he has released to date. In twenty years, when someone tries to get someone else into Blank Dogs, they will likely use The Fields as the entry point. Every song on this recording is out-there weird, but at the same time very poppy, and very subdued. Where I always think that every new release is going to be my favorite release, I imagine that it will be hard for Mr. Blank Dogs to top this one. The one-two punch of Red World/Before the Hours alone will make this record a must-have. Impossibly good.


One thought on “Blank Dogs – The Fields Mini LP/Cassette

  1. Th Fields really is lovely; I agree that it is his best yet. Definitely more accessible but luckily nothing is compromised. It just sounds better!

    Since I found out about Blank Dogs a few weeks ago and fell in love with Blaring Speeches off On Two Sides I have been wading through his discography and picking out the gems. I’m hooked and anticipating every new release.

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