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I’ve mentioned this in the past, but Sacred Bones is likely the best record label on the planet right now. They are batting .1000, and I especially look forward to their 12″ records because I love the consistency of the artwork. I will eventually have a special “Sacred Bones” section of my record shelf. The next batch looks just as tasty (“elaborate packaging” = instant purchase)

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SBR-012 The Rebel “Northern Rocks Bear Weird Vegetable” LP

Northern Rocks Bear Weird Vegetable?the next full-length from London, England’s The Rebel. The alter ego of Country Teasers’ Ben Wallers, The Rebel dates back to the tail-end of the 80’s?having existed side-by-side throughout Country Teasers’ prolific career?often releasing records at a steadier clip than Waller’s main project with songs too madcap to fit into even their William- Burroughs-by-way-of-The-Residents take on country music. Wallers’ characteristic self-aware irony and surreal gender/race ruminations are still present but sitting backseat in this more fleshed out concept album about decaying conditions on the planet 3AR7H. Although Burroughs comparisons are inevitable, Northern Rocks Bear Weird Vegetable could only have been scripted by The Rebel. The album’s narrator is in a band, has a valet named Mulholland, but inhabits an otherwise unrecognizable dystopian landscape where evil science laboratories combat college radio personalities, and nuclear war with Iran is well underway. Important issues of today and tomorrow are touched on. In “Why Must I Pay?” Mr. Thatcher, a future Prime Minister, is excoriated for the rising costs of tea, rent, drugs and sex. “Scarlett Johansen Conceiving the Design” depicts an horrific world wherein starlets replace scientists as consumerdom’s inventors. In “You’re Just Like Tammy Wynette” the Radical Islam Problem is diagnosed by looking at the politics of ladies headgear, while in “Turtle v. Octopus” a battle between Lovecraftian ancient adversaries plays out, potentially affecting the future of Music itself.

This is the first Rebel album to be recorded in the studio with a live backing band…that band being Country Teasers. In terms of sound, Northern Rocks Bears Weird Vegetable exchanges The Rebel’s clautrophobic home studio layers and d.i.y. effects for the improvisational band chemistry and controlled looseness of Country Teasers’ infamous live act. $14

Limited Edition: An edition of 150. Elaborate packaging includes, an outer velvet sleeve, alternative sleeve art, insert and cd-r. ONE PER PERSON. $22

SBR-013 Children’s Hospital “Alone Together” LP

Alone Together is the debut release from Children’s Hospital. If their despondent sounds remind you of something you may have once heard its because this is the latest project from the A-Frames/Intelligence/Rodent Plague/AFCGT axis. Reminiscent of the brooding and gray skyline of their hometown of Seattle the duo hover between abstract soundscape compositions, Jandek inspired bouts of melancholy droned out dementia, and stripped apart abrasive punk…often combining several of these forms at once. If recent Rodent Plague releases on Killshaman and Jerkave Tapes are any indication it would be ill-advised to sleep on Children’s Hospital. $14

Limited Edition: An edition of 150. Elaborate packaging includes, screen printed outer sleeve, alternative sleeve art, insert and cd-r. ONE PER PERSON. $20

SBR-013-b Children’s Hospital “Alone Together” Photo Book + CD

In addition to the forthcoming Children?s Hospital debut LP Sacred Bones is also offering a very limited edition photo book and CD edition. The book is a reproduction of stunning found photography from 1926 shot inside a ward of an actual children?s hospital. In total it includes 24 pages of personal photos of one particular nun working in hospital as well as many period photos of the patients themselves. The morbid vibe presets a stunning paradox with stark black and white photos of patients who despite the circumstances appear generally happy.

This book will be released in a limited edition of 200 copies and will include a CD copy of the Children?s Hospital record. $23

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