Crappy Dracula

Crappy Dracula / Sonorous Gale Split 7″
Crappy Dracula
a: Round ’em Up
a2: The Butcher (Leonard Cohen Cover?)

Sonorous Gale
b: Dogmatic Equations

Crappy Dracula S/T 7″
a1: What’s Gonna Happen To Us
a2: Man of Effort
b1: Pledge Drive
b2: Samba, Samba, Samba

Label: Eeefin Records
Listen: Myspace
Purchase: From the Band

I’ve listened to the Crappy Dracula Myspace from time to time, loving their cover of Guided By Voices “A Good Flying Machine” that they get just right. I feel like if I lived in Milwaukee, I would be friends with these guys. I’m drawn in. Yet, like any time you are friends with dudes who are in a band, you are probably more forgiving of their weak spots, enjoy terrible sets, put up with an endless barrage of home recordings, demos and the like. Then, at some point, they start actually getting good, and you are like “I was there from the start”.

Which is exactly how I feel about Crappy Dracula – the progression from their first 7″, to their split with Sonorous Gale and the new stuff on Myspace right now, you see a band starting to really live up to their potential. Where I really like their first 7″, like the second one even more, and love the newer tracks online are even better. Easy comparisons to Dead Milkmen, calling them “funsters” (ugh) or the like all kind of miss the point here – sure they have “fun” lyrics, but to focus on the lyrics is to miss out on the bigger picture.

Coming back to Guided by Voices for a minute – one of my favourite bands of all time. “Propeller”, “Bee Thousand”, “Alien Lanes”, “Under the Bushes, Under the Stars” – to me this is as good as it gets. Five albums in a row of pure, unadultarated brilliance. Yet, it isn’t as if they started with “Propeller” – there are four albums and a handful of EP’s that came before that, while containing some good songs, are more or less questionable in quality. It took GBV a really long time to get where they needed to be.

I see Crappy Dracula in the same vein – you can listen to these songs, and hear the potential. I like this a great deal now, but I am even more excited to see where they are going.

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