The Goodnight Loving – S/T LP


Label: Dusty Medical Records
Buy: Rocket Reducer
Listen: Myspace

How much time should I let pass between a record’s release date and the date of a blog entry before it becomes an “LP released earlier this year that you may have missed”? When is it early enough? Three months? Four months? Six months? The Billy Bao record I last wrote about was released in February so it definitely qualifies, at least in my mind. The latest entry in the series is Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s The Goodnight Loving and their self-titled album. Released on September 30th, it’s less than two months old so I think I’m just writing about a new record here. Regardless, this is great music we’re talking about here so I’m not going to stop.

The Goodnight Loving is said band’s third album, following their 2006 debut, Cemetery Trails, and 2007’s Crooked Lake (all three on Dusty Medical). The new self-titled LP is louder and more polished than their first two full-lengths. Those that know my tastes at least somewhat might assume that I would be against this direction based on my inclinations towards the lo-fi but they would be wrong. For the amount of musical ground they cover in one record, The Goodnight Loving are an incredibly tight band and they fully deserve the kind of production that is on their new LP.

More than most records I’ve listened to this year, The Goodnight Loving demonstrates just how much sensible genre-hopping a band can do under the pop umbrella. From the psychedelic-sounding stomper “Take You Home” (I swear I hear an organ in there) to the hazy country-inspired number “Colin Attends a Party”, to the perfect pop hook on “We’re in a Place”, The Goodnight Loving’s third LP sees the band shifting styles more seamlessly than ever. All this while sounding more cohesive than most bands who don’t even cover half the territory they do.

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