Mega Update #1

Figured it was time to put some of these up. Leaving on a West-Coast/Alberta tour on Friday w/ The Wicked Awesomes, which should be awesome. If you live in any of these cities, come say hi!

Wicked Awesomes / Endangered Ape Tour
22 Aug 2008 Edmonton @Wunderbar
23 Aug 2008 Kelowna @ The Habitat
24 Aug 2008 Vancouver @ Hokos w/ The Bloggers
25 Aug 2008 Bellingham, WA @ w/ Octogon Control (cancelled)
27 Aug 2008 Seattle, WA @ The Funhouse W/ The Femurs
28 Aug 2008 Portland, OR @ Twilight Bar And Cafe W/ Scaphists
29 Aug 2008 Lethbridge, AB @ The Slice W/ Planet Telex
30 Aug 2008 Calgary, AB @ Palamino


Black Orphan – “Circuts” 7”
a1: XX Spectrum
a2: Singularity
b1: Online
b2: Circuts

Label: UFO Dictator
Listen: Myspace

Black Orphan play in the same vein as Blank Dogs – lofi, minimalist synth punk, with perhaps a bit more grit. This is the first of two singles coming out this Summer (Hozac has another one in the mail as we speak!). Sounds like it could be a one-man band, and I want to imagine this being in a room that also houses the occasional dungeons and dragons game and perhaps a poster of the Star Ship Enterprise – in that it maybe wants to come of darker than it is, but instead plays kind of nerdy (techno-geek nerdy), and which I am totally fine with. The guitars and the outdated synths play well with the distorted vox. Highly recommended. Limited to 400 – almost all gone.


The Hibachi Stranglers – “Parasol Parade” 7”
a: Livin’ the Nite Lite
b1: Rocket to the Crotch
b2: Azalea Trail Bait

Label: Jeth-Row Records
Listen: Myspace

“Parasol Parade” is the second 45 from the Angry Samoans-esq Hibachi Stranglers, and this has been getting a tonne of play as of late. Livin’ the Nite Lite sounds like it would be the perfect outro to some exploitation-teen-slasher movie, with its guitar-soloing and far-away sounding gang vocals. I keep playing it hoping that whatever it reminds me of will come to mind, but for whatever reason I can’t quite place it. Either way, this is really fun (in the getting wasted and finding a rumble kind of way).


The Anals – “Commando of Love” 7”
A: Commando of Love
B: Wake Up, You’re Dead

Label: Sweet Rot
Listen: Myspace

I’ve had The Anals 7” now for a couple of months, and I think it might be love. I keep saying to myself that this is the top of “the list” (you know), and I think the fact that it has never been filed with my other records speaks to this.

“Commando of Love” is pretty simple – primitive drums, repeating synth line, some feedback, some french guy yelling about something. All of this is pretty effective, in that it manages to build into a really menacing mood piece. “Wake Up, You’re Dead” follows the same path, with a NES-styled synth bass, and a wall of squelching feedback. All in all, I am digging this because of how listenable these songs are. On top of that is one of the best 7″ sleeve I have seen this year. An all around package.


A1: Cannot Calm Down
A2: Same Mistakes
B1: Slip Away
B2: Superstitious Minds
B3: Dead to the Discourse

Label: Going Gaga Records
Listen: Myspace

This past June was the second annual Sled Island Festival in Calgary, Alberta, which was more or less awesome (Fucked Up! BBQ! Deerhunter!). On the last day of the festival, I skipped watching Wire and Mogwai to see Calgary’s The Cryptomaniacs play their last show in a hot dog joint. If you recall, I lost my mind over The Cryptomaniacs 7” last fall, and I stand by my statement that it is one of the best records to come out of the Calgary scene. So good.

Sedatives features Ian from Cryptomaniacs (now relocated to Ottawa), and if this 7” is any indication, picks up from where the Cryptos left us – organ fueled garage-pop with irresistible hooks. “Cannot Calm Down” is the highlight for me, a song I’ve easily listened to a dozen times since I got this. I also really dig “Superstitious Minds”, which reminds me of The Descendants if they were a garage band and had an organ player. Did I mention the organ? It is all over this record, and adds a nice texture. Limited to 300, and is a must have.

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