Railcars – Cities vs Submaries 7″ (preorder)

A1. there is ice; it is blue
A2. saints are waiting for me, (outside my door)
B1. concrete buildings
B2. through the trees lay smokestacks
B3. bohemia is without a sea

Label: Gold Robot Recordings:
Buy/Listen: From the Band

From yesterday’s Bonnie “Prince” Billy post comes this record from Railcars (formerly Aria C Jalali), which is also forthcoming on Gold Robot Recordings (pre-order now; 500 copies). Electronic malfunctions, random noises, and blown-out buzzings layered over some intense melodies. Reminds me of Xiu Xiu crossed with Wolf Parade or Frog Eyes, which is suiting since it was recorded by Jamie Stewart himself, and he has shared a stage with Wolf Parade side project Handsome Furs. I can get behind this, especially “Bohemia is Without a Sea” with all of its jerks and glitches. Check it out!

One thought on “Railcars – Cities vs Submaries 7″ (preorder)

  1. this album was fucking amazing. (though nothing compares to that BPB). i think its “submarines” though not submaries in the article title. lolol.

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