The Hozac Gold Rush!

From the Hozac mailing list!

We have three brand new releases, ready for your sticky, soiled hands!

HZR-018  BLACK ORPHAN – Video Kids 7″ EP
From the ominous depths of hell’s inner circle, Black Orphan rises up and takes off where Spider left off, and their slimey drooling of punk’s primordial ooze seeps into every exposed pore on your body, languishing and writhing with emotional destitution. Four ethereal tomes that decapitate, reverberate, and exacerbate the unruly demons that live deep in your mind, these songs allow you to walk through walls, see through clothing, and transcribe weird animalistic codes that only owls and sloths can truly understand, yet their presence in your life is unmistakably prerequisite. First 150 Gold editions come with alternate ‘Lunar Lobotomy’ sleeve design.

HZR-019  JACUZZI BOYS – Island Ave. 7″ EP
Miami, Florida’s Jacuzzi Boys have captured the heart of a nation (well, not exactly Milwaukee after last weekend, but hey…) with their mystically jangling, gypsy-tinged haunting songs that stick with you right on contact.  With a stellar debut 7″ last year in Floridas Dying and a recent tour with King Khan and the Shrines almost wrapped up, these three off-center souls drift back and forth between contagious melodic anthems of delirium, and bonafide modern classics destined to entertain generations of weirdos for years to come. First 150 Gold editions come with alternate ‘Tongue of the Snake’ sleeve design.

HZR-020  DUTCHESS and the DUKE – ‘Never Had A Chance’ b/w ‘Scorpio’ 7″
If you’ve ever been seriously in love with the magical ’65-66 era of the Rolling Stones songbook, and wished someone would take it upon themselves to capture that scintillating and raw sound for the contemporary stage, the Dutchess and the Duke are prime for your new favorite band slot. Jesse from Fe Fi Fo Fums, along with Kimberly of numerous Seattle bands (Rat Fancy, Flying Dutchmen, Unnatural Helpers, etc) have come into your life with a sound that’s as irresistible as the originals that inspired them. This single contains two exclusive cuts not on the debut LP, and first 150 Gold editions come with alternate ‘Half-tone Z Face’ sleeve design.

all ordering information is listed below so please get your copies right away if you “need” the gold edition.
(NOTE: *need = plasma, oxygen, bread, water  *want = records, fancy sunglasses, expensive sandwiches)

Ordering Info:

Sorry, but we have to limit the Gold Editions to ONE copy PER release title, PER order. Please don’t beg! If you order more than one copy per record, you will get one Gold edition (if still available) and one Black Edition, or possibly even TWO black editions if the Gold are sold out. That’s just the way this shit works folks. Lucky for you, we don’t release dogshit, so it shouldn’t be a problem. You can always trade these things, ya know…

Canada and Euro orders ship airmail.
All prices are postage paid. We are offering a special low price for one of each single which is obviously the best deal.


PAYPAL account is : todd (at)

one 7″ – $6.50 ppd
two 7″ – $12.75 ppd
three 7″ – $17.50 ppd
four 7″ – $22.25 ppd
five 7″ – $26.50 ppd
six 7″ – $31.75 ppd

CANADA/MEX/South America
one 7″ – $6.95 ppd
two 7″ – $13.50 ppd
three 7″ – $18.25ppd
four 7″ – $23.00 ppd
five 7″ – $27.75 ppd
six 7″ – $32.95 ppd

one 7″ – $10.75 ppd
two 7″ – $16.95 ppd
three 7″ – $21.95 ppd
four 7″ – $26.95 ppd
five 7″ – $31.95 ppd
six 7″ – $38.50 ppd

regular mailing address below (MO payable to Horizontal Action, or well-concealed cash at your own risk),

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