The Wiggins – Feed the Ghost 7″

a1: Dog
a2: Feed the Ghost
b: In the Night

Label: Dull Knife
Buy: From the Label
Listen: Myspace

Sometimes the weirdest key words will trigger me to buy a record. In this case, I read a review that mentioned “David Lynch”, and that was all I needed. I didn’t need to hear a note of this, and I figured I would like it.The Wiggins is John Read, who you might include in the current lo-fi movement that privileges the simplicity of early Rock ‘N Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Surf, and a little hint of country twang (especially in the vocals), recording everything in the red and releasing records like this one that seem effortless. I suppose the drum machine (at times) gives this a Jesus and Mary Chain vibe, but in the end this record is one of the best I have heard in a while, leaving me to track down the other Wiggins releases.

Limited to 300, this one is a must buy.

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