Represses of note

I would way rather pick up a repress than waste my time on eBay all the time. There are so many records that just need to be repressed to curb the insane prices they are going for on the secondary market – the Eat Skull singles, Sic Alps, Tyvek… anyways, these are going towards the right direction:

Rob’s House Records has a repress of the Deerhunter/Hubcap City 7″, except the Hubcap City plates were lost, so they made this into a one-sided 7″ with the Deerhunter song “Greyscale”. 600 press.

The Hospitals have repressed their self-released “Hairdryer Peace”, which I have already written about and still enjoy quite a bit. This record sold out a day or so after I wrote about it, and it was going crazy on eBay in the meantime. Cop the reissue while supplies last. First 100 orders come with a poster!

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