Destroyer / Wye Oak Split 7″

a: Destroyer – Madame Butterfly
b: Wye Oak – Prodigy
Label: Merge Records
Buy: eBay
Listen: So Much Silence Blog

We all have our hangups, right? Those bands, artists and whatnot that we just can’t leave behind or live without. I have a couple, one being Destroyer (which should be painfully obvious to the punks reading this blog). For me, its all about his lyrics, which generally appeal to my elitist academic side with all the obscure literary references (when you get those, don’t you just feel like the smartest shit out there?). I dig the way that Dan fucks with people, making sure that everything he releases sounds different (the newest album is really confounding those who joined in with Rubies, simply because it isn’t Rubies II. When you read his list of influences, it is such a mixed bag that this makes perfect sense (from The Fall and Pere Ubu, to The Apartments), and I appreciate the innovation.

This split 7″ was free Record Store Day, and as these things work, none of the record stores I go to had them. Now the only way to get the single is from eBay, and thankfully because a lot of the record store owners did the same thing (“hey, instead of giving these away, I am just going to sell them on eBay!”), you can get it for around $5, which is fine.

The Destroyer side isn’t essential as far as his cataloge goes, but it is a pleasant enough “Trouble in Dreams” outtake, drawing from the same Syd Barrett style that you find all over that album. The Wye Oak side isn’t really my thing, with hushed folky guitars over some soulful female vocals. Nothing wrong with it, per say, there just isn’t really anything new here.

Wicked Awesomes!/O Voids Split 7″ ready to order

Lost in Space records just announced that their split with the Wicked Awesomes!/O Voids is ready for ordering (500 copies with the first 100 on clear wax). Uber excited about this single, as The Wicked Awesomes! are one of my favourite bands of the moment, and this is their first vinyl release (with another single coming from Almost Ready Records soon). Also: this single has “Fighting the Wolf Spirit” on it, which is worth the price of admission alone.

7.50 ppd US and Canada
9.50 ppd International
(US, or Can funds)
Paypal: lostinspacerecords @

The Barbaras – Summertime Road 7″

a: Summertime Road
b1: Day at the Shrine
b2: Flow

Label: Goner Records
Buy: Goner Records
Listen: Myspace

I like it when my musical choices coincide with what kind of day it is outside. No one wants to listen to The Beach Boys in November.

This little single perfectly represents the kind of day it is here right now. Busted out the shorts for the first time this year, feeling uninspired to do little but sit outside and soak up the sun (Sheryl Crow just had that so right). Felt like the perfect day to put on this Barbara’s record (look at that cover – it even has a fucking Sun on it), drink a case of non-ironic beer and just let the music wash over me.

The Barbaras are a sunshine-pop band from Memphis, and feature two members of Jay Reatard’s band. They specialize in sunny pop-music, but leave in the grime that comes from their lo-fi recording techniques, and which ultimately allows them to pull off what people wanted that (weak) Panda Bear album from last year to be – psychedelic without being boring and overly repetitive. This one is good natured, like the happy drunk who just wants to be your friend, man. Highly reccomended.


Programming note:

Going to be recording an episode of Jason (Seven Inches)’s podcast tomorrow. We are recording via Skype, and I’m pulling out all my favourite Guided by Voices singles. If you haven’t read Jason’s blog yet, you should because it is awesome; if you haven’t listened to his podcast, you should, because that too is awesome.

Sled Island Festival

Calgary, Alberta (Canada – the world!) is hosting the second annual Sled Island festival between June 25-28. The lineup this year is absolutely insane (Wire!!), and I am writing about this here because my band Endangered Ape is playing, as well as other SevenTenTwelve favourites such as NO AGE, The Ostrich, The Cryptomanics, DD/MM/YYYY, Japandroids and Azeda Booth. Plus, lots of other big-name acts to get excited about – Deerhunter, Mogwai, Of Montreal, Yo La Tengo, Drive By Truckers, Okkerville River, Scout Niblett…

Here’s the full lineup:

Aaron Booth
The Absent Sound
Apostle of Hustle
Axis of Conversation
Azeda Booth
Beija Flor
Bend Sinister
Bil Hetherington and the Asian Tigers
The Blakes
The Blind Shake
Blind Tiger, Tiger
Blitzen Trapper
The Blood Lines
The Brenda Vaqueros
Broken Social Scene
Broken West
Capital RRR’s
Carolyn Mark
Chad VanGaalen
Chris Gheran
Christian Hansen and the Autistics
The City Streets
Clinton St. John
The Clips
The Coast
The Consonant C
The Cops
Cripple Creek Fairies
The Cryptomaniacs
Curtis Santiago
Dan Deacon
Darren Frank
The Details
The Dirty Dirty North
The Dodos
Dojo Workhorse
Dragon Fli Empire
Drive By Truckers
Elliott Brood
Endangered Ape
Extra Golden
Fake Shark Real Zombie!
The Fast Romantics
The Faunts
Forest Tate Fraser
Francis Cheer
Fucked Up
The Funfuns
Ghost Bees
Grizzly Bear
Ground Up
The Gutter Twins
Hawaiian Bibles
Heat Ray
The Hermit
Hot Little Rocket
Hunter Gatherer
Jane Vain & the Dark Matter
Jesse Dangerously
Jon McKiel
Jose Gonzalez
Junior Pantherz
Kara Keith and Your Dignity
Katie Stelmanis
Key to The City
Kris Ellestad
Langhorne Slim
Leeroy Stagger
Library Voices
Life Like Cobra
lonely hunters
Luther Wright
The Madcowboys
The Martyr Index
Matt Masters
The Mohawk Lodge
Morgan Greenwood
Mother Mother
Nathan Godfrey
The Neckers
The Neighborhood Council
Nina Nastasia
No Age
Of Montreal
Okkervil River
The Ostrich
Painted Birds
The Paperbacks
Paul James Coutts & Chains
Ramblin’ Ambassadors
Random Task Collective
Raphaelle Standell-Preston
Ricca Razor Sharp & DJ Jetleg
Rich Aucoin
Rio Bent
Rock Plaza Central
Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees
RZA as Bobby Digital featuring Stone Mecca
The Secret Machines
The Secret Twins
Scott MacLeod
Scout Niblett
7 and 7 is
Seven Story Redhead
Shuyler Jansen
Still Flyin’
The Stolen Organ Family Band
Sub Linguals
The Suicide Wrists
Sunparlour Players
Sweater Contest
The Teenage Popes
Tegan and Sara
These Hands
The Tetraktys
Tren Brothers
The Uncas
The Unwanted
The Vicious Crystals
The Von Zippers
The Warbrides
The Wet Secrets
The Whitsundays
Womb Baby
Yo La Tengo
Young and Sexy

Joy Division – 7″ reissues (bootlegs?)

Transmission 7″
a: Transmission
b: Novelty

Factory Records Sampler 2×7″
a1: Digital – Joy Division
a2: Glass – Joy Division
b1: No Communication – The Durutti Column
b2: Thin Ice (Detail) – The Durutti Column
c1: Acne – John Dowie
c2: Idiot – John Dowie
c3: Hitler’s Liver – John Dowie
d1: Bader Meinhof – Cabaret Voltaire
d2: Sex In Secret – Cabaret Voltaire

I got this email the other day from the eBay seller that I bought my Sordide Sentimental 7″ reissue telling me that they had these in stock (both singles combined for $25+shipping). I am a little skeptical that they are bootlegs (for no other reason than the fact that I can’t find any other mention of them anywhere), though I will admit that these do look very nice. The Transmission 7″ comes in red vinyl, and the Factory 2×7 sampler being done up on “silver rice paper” and it comes with the same stickers that the original issue had. The eBay seller is apparently importing these from the UK, which should explain the price.

Of all the Joy Division standards, “Transmission” was one that I only came to appreciate later on in my twenties. When I used to rock Joy Division in my walkman as a lad, I always thought that compared to their other songs, “Transmission” was lyrically uncompelling (“DANCE DANCE DANCE TO THE RADIO!”). I finally “got it” when I was in California taking a tour of a relative’s bronze-sculpture foundry. I heard it come over the radio, set against these two dudes wearing hazmat suits (or something) standing over this molten-fire-pit-thingy, with “Transmission” blasting over them.

For Christmas this year, my lovely girlfriend got me that artsy/pricey Joy Division vinyl box set that Rhino put out last year. Comes in this beautiful cloth-covered box designed by Peter Saville (the original Factory records artist – she got me the Saville art book for my birthday last year as well). This thing is really expensive ($200?), I would hold off on rushing into this unless you can get a good deal on it. Inside the box is a copy of Closer, Unknown Pleasures and Still, but they come in “original art” (designed by Saville), which is essentially a plain white, black and grey cover (for each of the records respectively); none of the albums are labeled or have any writing on them, and there is no other information inside the box aside from a small piece of paper with a list of songs. When I opened it, I thought it was a mistake, and actually emailed Rhino that the “original” art was missing; they told me that it was “original” as in “new” and not original as in “the same”.