Hozac Gold Rush is ON!

You know the drill. Hozac does super cool limited-to-150 “gold” editions for their releases. My favourites thus far were the White Savage gold edition that came in a white-fur sleeve, or the Bold Ones magnetic cover from the last batch. I am crazy busy still, so I am just going to post the pre-order email that just came 5 minutes ago:

HZR-015  LOVER! – No More Reasons b/w All Alone 7″
Rich Crook has already blazed a frightfully righteous pop pathway through the better part of 2007 with two stellar LPs and two great singles showcasing the hidden songwriting talents he always kept to himself while occupying the drumstool for such notable bands as The Reatards, Lost Sounds, and Viva L’American Death Ray, so once his songs reached the surface in his project with Jack Oblivian, The Knaughty Knights, it was apparent that Crook needed his own rocking vehicle to spread his undeniable pop sense to the outer limits of the rock’n roll underworld. HoZac Records is proud to present his first domestic vinyl release with a two-song 7″ of back to back brilliance for your listening pleasure. First 150 Gold editions come wrapped in an alternate bubblegum sleeve!

HZR-016  CATATONIC YOUTH – Piss Scene 7″ EP
The once mysterious, always refreshing blast of Catatonic Youth has finally culminated in their debut 7″ EP, cranking out three static-charged tracks of simply sadistic and savagely seductive songs of utter despair and confusion in the most pleasant packaging you’ve seen in months. Each numbered edition (both Gold and Black) comes with a foldout poster and photo insert, and hand-stamped labels to round out the sickness that is the Catatonic Youth experience. This is the first of many great releases to come from this wonderfully unsettling Northwest enigma, and we’re proud to present their first EP right here, for your salacious consumption. First 150 Gold editions on clear vinyl with alternate sleeve & poster.

HZR-017  SMITH WESTERNS – Irukandji 7″ EP
Chicago’s teenage sensations, Smith Westerns’ debut 7″ EP is here to wash away your doubts as to what the next wave of kids will bring to the table in terms of raw rock’n roll, and the instantly classic three songs contained herein are creatively blasted through sickening waves of distortion that prove they aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but just plain have fun and revel in their teenage fervor while it lasts. With the dyanamic slop aesthetic of primo early Red Cross sewn unofficially at their base, these kids bowl over their elders with unassuming ease and make their first appearance on vinyl one to remember for years to come. First 150 Gold editions come in an alternate metallic gold sleeve design.

all ordering information is listed below so please get your copies right away if you “need” the gold edition.
(NOTE: *need = plasma, oxygen  *want = records, fancy sunglasses)

Ordering Info:

Sorry, but we have to limit the Gold Editions to ONE copy PER release title, PER order. Please don’t beg! If you order more than one copy per record, you will get one Gold edition (if still available) and one Black Edition, or possibly even TWO black editions if the Gold are sold out. That’s just the way this shit works folks. Lucky for you, we don’t release dogshit, so it shouldn’t be a problem. You can always trade these things, ya know…

Canada and Euro orders ship airmail.
All prices are postage paid. We are offering a special low price for one of each single which is obviously the best deal.


PAYPAL account is : todd (at) horizontalaction.com

one 7″ – $6.50 ppd
two 7″ – $11.75 ppd
three 7″ – $16.50 ppd
four 7″ – $21.25 ppd
five 7″ – $26.00 ppd
six 7″ – $30.75 ppd

CANADA/MEX/South America
one 7″ – $6.95 ppd
two 7″ – $13.25 ppd
three 7″ – $18.25ppd
four 7″ – $23.00 ppd
five 7″ – $27.75 ppd
six 7″ – $31.75 ppd

one 7″ – $9.95 ppd
two 7″ – $16.95 ppd
three 7″ – $21.95 ppd
four 7″ – $26.95 ppd
five 7″ – $31.95 ppd
six 7″ – $36.50 ppd

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