Temporary Hiatus

Due to travel, Phd Candidacy exam, and getting Endangered Ape ready for the slew of shows we have coming up, SevenTenTwelve is going to be taking a brief hiatus, until June 10, 2008. I may still post sporadically in the interim (mostly pre-order news). I have run down my supply of records to talk about, so this will give me a chance to accumulate more (labels: don’t hesitate to send me records!).

Saw Devon Williams and Destroyer last night, and it was great. Devon put on a fantastic show, and I have been listening to the new full length Carefree all day (vinyl out on Olfactory Records). I’ll write more about it later, but for now I will say that it is fucking good. Destroyer made quite the racket, playing almost exclusively songs from This Night and Trouble in Dreams. All in all, I am fine with that – Destroyer really brought the rock.

2 thoughts on “Temporary Hiatus

  1. based on the truce 7″ i picked up a few months back, i’d say the full length is awesome too.

    good luck on your exams/have fun at the shows

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