Cheveu – S/T LP

Label: S-S
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Since Cheveu’s debut arrived here a few weeks ago, it has been in near constant play. In fact, I just re-shelved a shit-load of records on the weekend, leaving out two – Cheveu and The Hospitals “Hairdryer Peace”. Though, if I am being honest for a second, I think this one gets more play (I feel like I can put it on when I have people over, which when I try to do with The Hospitals, my less-musically adventurous friends give me the stink eye, whereas everyone gets behind Cheveu).

I think to myself, when I play this record, “why the fuck is this not the biggest record in America right now” (though I think that about everything I like) – and have come to the conclusion that there are two things holding it back from the get-go. 1: They are French, and people are scared off because they hate “World Music” 2: Pitchfork doesn’t write about them. Which is a real shame, because this is such a fine record. Most of the songs have a real privative, post-punk feel, though with the use of Casio-keyboard drum tracks give it kind of an electro vibe as well (though if “electro” scares you off,the canned drums are really blended in nicely, and rarely dominate).

A few songs are going to immediately jump out – “Happiness”, in which Cheveu turn down the volume, and the singer (?) has a real moment of self-hatred, singing about how boring he is, and even though you try to tell him otherwise, he can tell you are just saying it to make him feel better. Though it sticks out on the record, I dig the vibe. My other favourite song is “Herman choune” (which is on the myspace player) – I think it is the vocal delivery in the verses, the rhythmic quality really giving it an addictive quality.

Long story short – if you don’t have this record, now is the time (I don’t think S-S has many copies left, and who knows what the re-press situation will be like, and this one comes in beautiful white vinyl).

4 thoughts on “Cheveu – S/T LP

  1. Completely agree, can’t stop listening to this amazing band. I don’t know who’s ready for it yet, but anyone that knows about this fucking loves it. I’m starting a club.

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