Jay Reatard – “Painted Shut” 7″ Pre-Order

a: Painted Shut
b: An Ugly Death

Label: Matador
Pre-Order: Matador

As with last months “See-Saw” 7″, Matador is taking pre-orders on the new Jay Reatard single that should be officially released next week or so. They keep talking about “extremely limited”, but no idea what that actually means (you can still get “See-Saw” from Matador). You want these for the awesome musics anyways mang, so don’t worry about your ability to flip these on ebay in a month, and get it because the music is good.

In other Jay Reatard news – In The Red is putting out a compilation of all the early (and impossible to afford) singles as a double LP, so look for that. I’ve been wanting a copy of the “Night of Broken Glass” 7″ for a long while, but am waiting for the Reatard-backlash so I can actually afford a copy, so this will do for now.

One thought on “Jay Reatard – “Painted Shut” 7″ Pre-Order

  1. Just as a clarification, ‘Night of Broken Glass’ came out as a 12″. By the way, like the blog. Though, I like “I’ve Been to the Island of Jocks and Jazz” a lot more than “Hairdryer Peace” for whatever reason.

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