Hospitals – Hairdryer Peace

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Here’s the thing: you don’t know a lot about Hostpitals, or you do, and you thought their last albums sucked – this is the only reason I can come up with why one can still get a copy of this record (limited to 500 copies). Let me add another voice to the praise (500 self-released copies of this record will equal 500 people on the Internet saying how fucking great it is): this is easily the best LP I’ve heard this year (so far). There might be other great records, but this is just something else all together. It makes sense to be skeptical of such hype (I generally am), but if you like “this” type of music, Hairdryer Peace will knock your ass flat.

Hairdryer Peace is an achievement – everything you like about what is happening in the lo-fi music scene right now condensed into one album. Noisy as a record can get (I read somewhere that this was mastered by the guy who mastered Times New Viking’s “Rip it Off”, which makes sense) – with everything completely blown out, everything in the red in a wall to wall sonic noise fuck-fest. Yet, hidden throughout are gems of unexpected sweetness, little blasts of melody.

More than anything, Hairdryer Peace feels like one cohesive track, with the band returning to a few motifs and riffs, and with everything drenched in the same aesthetic, it is going to be a difficult task to convince a Belle and Sebastian fan that this is anything but noise. Yet, just spending one day with the record, there is much more than noise here. In the static emerge patterns, and from the patterns emerge songs. Good songs. Innovation is everywhere.

If you have ever read SevenTenTwelve, and bought something because I have been so enthusiastic about it, and you got that and went “shit, Paul was dead on here,” don’t even hesitate for a minute to order this record. Once these start arriving in mailboxes over the next week or two, and more posts like this pop up, more message board chatter emerges, you are going to be sad to have missed it. Your record collection is going to feel wanting.

5 thoughts on “Hospitals – Hairdryer Peace

  1. they don’t make acid strong enough for these jams. fuckin sick.

    and i’m a belle and sebastian superfan!!!

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