Destroyer / Wye Oak Split 7″

a: Destroyer – Madame Butterfly
b: Wye Oak – Prodigy
Label: Merge Records
Buy: eBay
Listen: So Much Silence Blog

We all have our hangups, right? Those bands, artists and whatnot that we just can’t leave behind or live without. I have a couple, one being Destroyer (which should be painfully obvious to the punks reading this blog). For me, its all about his lyrics, which generally appeal to my elitist academic side with all the obscure literary references (when you get those, don’t you just feel like the smartest shit out there?). I dig the way that Dan fucks with people, making sure that everything he releases sounds different (the newest album is really confounding those who joined in with Rubies, simply because it isn’t Rubies II. When you read his list of influences, it is such a mixed bag that this makes perfect sense (from The Fall and Pere Ubu, to The Apartments), and I appreciate the innovation.

This split 7″ was free Record Store Day, and as these things work, none of the record stores I go to had them. Now the only way to get the single is from eBay, and thankfully because a lot of the record store owners did the same thing (“hey, instead of giving these away, I am just going to sell them on eBay!”), you can get it for around $5, which is fine.

The Destroyer side isn’t essential as far as his cataloge goes, but it is a pleasant enough “Trouble in Dreams” outtake, drawing from the same Syd Barrett style that you find all over that album. The Wye Oak side isn’t really my thing, with hushed folky guitars over some soulful female vocals. Nothing wrong with it, per say, there just isn’t really anything new here.

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