Wicked Awesomes!/O Voids Split 7″ ready to order

Lost in Space records just announced that their split with the Wicked Awesomes!/O Voids is ready for ordering (500 copies with the first 100 on clear wax). Uber excited about this single, as The Wicked Awesomes! are one of my favourite bands of the moment, and this is their first vinyl release (with another single coming from Almost Ready Records soon). Also: this single has “Fighting the Wolf Spirit” on it, which is worth the price of admission alone.

7.50 ppd US and Canada
9.50 ppd International
(US, or Can funds)
Paypal: lostinspacerecords @ hotmail.com


3 thoughts on “Wicked Awesomes!/O Voids Split 7″ ready to order

  1. wicked awesomes! are the most appropriately named band ever. i dig this blog man! it saves me having to surf the internet to keep up with records i want that are coming out. keep it up!

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