Carbonas – European Tour EP

Head over to the Douchemaster Records site to pick up one of these Carbonas European tour 7″‘s. “They” pressed 1000 copies of this single, but only 200 of these made it back to the United States of America. Douchemaster still has copies of the repress of the first (and, in my opinion best) Carbona’s single available, so there could be a nice little glam-punk package coming to you in the mail. The tour-only single has five songs on it – two originals, and covers of Nihilistics, Plugz, and Kaos songs (and just when I think that I am already the biggest fan every band ever to record music, shit like this comes along).

Douchemaster has an Mp3 of Blackout off the first single available for download. “Blackout” seriously kicks a tonne of ass, and is one of the reasons why Carbonas have the rabid following that they have – this could be a New York Dolls outtake, and I imagine that, given the opportunity, Morrissey would fall in love with this band. You know what I say? If it’s good enough for Morrissey, it is good enough for me.

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