New Label: Lipstick Pickups

Label: Lipstick Pickup

Buy from: Florida’s Dying

I just caught wind of this new label this AM called Lipstick Pickups, run by Jean Smegma (of the amazing Jeanie and the Tits), who I believe helps run Florida’s Dying (who are also distributing the Lipstick Pickups releases), and its got my bum humming. How does this sound to you:

LIPSTICK PICKUP is a label inspired by women…….hot, young women who like to obnoxiously and barely play their instruments. Every release will be a pressing of 300 with the first 75 on colored vinyl. Each colored vinyl record will be accompanied with a hand-crafted cover, and no two (limited edition) covers will be exactly the same. I will probably never re-press a record simply to keep all you nerds with collectible boners happy. Yokohama Hooks will be the first release, with Jeanie and The Tits, Dead Clodettes, Wizard Sleeve, and some other sluts to follow. oh yeah, and all the distribution will be through!!

The first release is a single from the punk-as-fuck Yohohama Hooks from the city of Spokane, Washington, and you can see all 75 variations of the handmade record sleeve on the Lipstick Pickup page. Follow this one closely kids.

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