The Pink Noise – The Sun King 7″ Pre-Order

a1. Huntsman
a2. Soda Jerk
b1. Thunderbird
b2. Animals remix

Label: Almost Ready Records
Listen: The Pink Noise
Buy: Paypal some money to (US – $7 / Can – $6.66 / World $10)

Almost Ready Records has put out something ridiculous like 5 releases in so many months, with more coming soon. I don’t know he does it – everything he releases has been selling out within a few weeks (for example, the “Worlds Lousy With Ideas” series currently up to volume five, with volume six coming soon with the splooge-worthy lineup of Little Claw, Eat Skull and Psychedelic Horseshit), and for all of their releases they do a shitload of cover variations *, and ON TOP OF THIS, they get their records out (taped with his trademark Burger King packing tape) quicker than any other label or distro I have ever ordered from. Almost Ready is also putting out a single soon from Edmonton’s The Wicked Awesomes, going to be blowing the lid off that band soon enough.

The latest is this new single from Toronto’s The Pink Noise (who also have a full length out on Sacred Bones, which I think is also still in pre-order status). They have “Thunderbird” from this single on their Myspace page, so go decide if this is for you or not. I like it, makes me want to punch-dance. 300 copies.

* which is way interesting.better than colour vinyl variations. I know this seems like a fucking Star Wars nerd arguing with a Star Trek nerd, but the whole releasing a record in fourteen colour variations is a cancer. Have you seen one of these dudes that have have all fourteen versions of the same record “in all the colours”? Why aren’t these people buying fourteen different records with that money? No one ever looks through a “colour collectors” record stash and thinks anything but “this guys a fucking idiot”. From one idiot to another, I know this shit.

2 thoughts on “The Pink Noise – The Sun King 7″ Pre-Order

  1. Amen, or different color pressings of the sleeve. I’m just glad I have it. It’ almost as bad as collector edition covers of the TV guide. Who gives a shit.

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