Record Store Day

Did you hear that this Saturday is Record Store day? I heard about this one single that is being put out “exclusively” for record store day, and I got kind of excited. So I decided to contact record stores within driving distance to see if they were participating, and if they were participating, if they would be getting said record.

For the most part, the good record stores were like “record store day? Never heard of it.” Uh-oh. After a bit, I finally got the dirt:

  • Record store is  essentially someone in the US telling stores that they should have a sale this Saturday.
  • To participate, a store simply has to “sign up” on the Record Store Day website, but after they sign up they. aren’t given any other information than that ( such as what is available to stores for record store day).
  • ‘Record Store Day’ releases are also a bit ridiculous, as some have been offered by distributors, others have not.
  • No one is really sure if or where one is supposed to get said releases.
  • Some ‘Record Store Day’ releases have been available already for a few weeks.
  • Most likely, many of the “Record Store Day” releases will be for US record stores.

Looks like eBay it is then… boo. That’s ok, I am all for supporting my local record stores anyway.


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