Not Paul Lawton

I am not multi-instrumentalist Paul “Lolly” Lawton of the Vancouver BC alt-rock band The Paperboys.

I am not Paul J. Lawton, author of historical fictions.

Nor am I a Paul Lawton, historian who studies the role of U-Boats in WWII.

Definitely not this Paul Lawton, illiterate with a fondness for fast cars.

You can ask my friend Jeff, but I can assure you that I am not Paul Lawton, deck-builder.

Pretty sure I can design a better “home page” than this Paul Lawton.

I am not the Australian soldier Paul Lawton who died in Iraq, and whose parents were informed via a quick cellphone call… RIP other Paul Lawton.

Not Paul Lawton, CEO of Comms Business Interactive, nor am I Paul Lawton on Lawton & Lawton law offices.

I honestly think I have the potential to be the most well-known Paul Lawton in the entire world! Come on other Paul Lawtons, give me some competition here, you guys are making it easy!?!

10 thoughts on “Not Paul Lawton

  1. You are clearly the frontrunner for most Famous PKL. However, I think I WILL start calling you “Lolly”.


  2. I also like ‘Lolly’ or “Lolly Paul”. ‘LP’ for when I’m in a rush. And no, you cannot call yourself ‘Long Play’.

  3. You need to give me credit here, c’mon!
    Obviously you’ve been reading the Meliorist and took one of my articles as a meme.

  4. I’m the original Paul Lawton…you, sir, are a funny looking imposter. Now, if you’ll excuse me, my band(s) are going to play some all-ages shows in Lethbridge.

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